Wedgewood Ramps

The former Halfpipe Mike’s/Stomping Grounds is open yet again. It the same space but has been overhauled much more than when it went from Halfpipe Mike’s to Stomping Grounds. While it is nice to have another indoor skatepark it definitely is a work in progress.

On the positive note, the have rebuilt the Section 8 six foot mini with spine and it was great to ride it again. The are definitely some cool idea here, the biggest issue though is the lack of finish.

The mini in the back corner is cool but most of it is unfinished wood and there is a separation in the coping that has no problems tossing you to the ground.

The big letdown though is the bowl. It is a gigantic bowl but it doesn’t have coping yet and the roof is leaking onto part of it.

While there a some unfinished parts, it is still better than nothing. We had fun and that’s all that matters.

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